Roboboat 2019

First Winner ASV

International Roboboat Competition

Florida, USA

Our Story

2019, Fourth year of participation in the International Roboboat Competition (IRC). We wanted to create a new record and break the limit we created before. Introducing the fourth-gen boat, “Nala G4”, was ready to defend the first place title.

During trial days in Indonesia, everything worked on track. Even so, the journey to becoming the back-to-back champions was not as easy as it was seen.

An accident happened a day before the qualification race, our drone got lost contact with the signal of the Roboboat and our pilot drone can’t take over the condition.

Goodbye, our drone fell into the lake. We tried to collect parts of that drone that could be recovered. Bad luck, some parts couldn’t be saved and it was an important part to rebuild the drone. Still had time, we tried to find these parts around the city but still didn’t get it. We moved to another city and still couldn't find it. As a result, no drone was used in the qualification phase but it turns out that it went well and we ended up in the first place. One step closer to get the throne.

The night before the final race, we were still struggling to rebuild our drone with something we have. It took time until the drone was completed. The falling drone was just a teaser, our mechanic found that our roboboat was leaking. We tried to fix them with positive vibes because tomorrow was the moment of truth.

That day came, all of our hard work would be tested in a very short time. Given 20 minutes, the boat could complete all of the missions and the drone flew well. As a result, we ended up in the first place for the second time. What a special gift for Indonesia and once again, we could sing Indonesia Raya in the USA. What a great experience!

A performance is like a boat. You really want it to arrive at port. So when something goes wrong and it doesn't get there, that touches me a lot.

-Sylvie Guillem