Roboboat 2018

First Winner ASV

International Roboboat Competition

Florida, USA

Our Story

2018, Our third year in IRC and still struggling to bring home the first-place title. The missions were harder, so we did the research voraciously and another vessel was born, “Nala Heroes”, a symbol of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Campus of Heroes.

Florida, we were back, please be nice to us. We only had a three-days trial session to both assemble our boat and checked all the details. Bad luck happened on day one, our roboboat’s motor got burned after it got stuck on a buoy. Last day of the trial, the mini PC got broken and it had to be replaced with the new one.

Breathe! The trial was done; we were ready for the race.

In the qualification, we had 3 chances to run our roboboat. The first run was going smooth but the problem came in the second run, the GPS was dumb. It caused the roboboat uncontrollable and ran arbitrarily. We had to fix it as fast as we could and thankfully, we ended up in first place so far and got prepared for the final the next day. Yeah, 1 mini PC and 1 laptop were out. No other choice, we ask for our advisor’s laptop to be installed in our boat. He had agreed and we decided to have the land trial to test for the GPS with a hope it would work well on the next day because there was no chance for us to do another lake trial to check the new system anyway.

‘The Gambler’, that’s the word to describe our condition at that time. Still, we found an ace that we could keep, “Tatag!, Abang Putih Semangatku!”

Final stage was coming, 8 minutes is enough to complete the missions and the result, we got the Throne! First Place on our hands. This was a nice gift for ITS and Indonesia.

That's what we're striving for, making us a contender in every race.

-Dale Earnhardt