Roboboat 2017

Fourth Place International Roboboat Competition Florida, USA

Our Story

Experience is our best teacher.

2017, the second year of our participation in the International Roboboat Competition. We still set our target as a first-place winner. The competition’s level was getting higher as we had to combine roboboat with drone, both #autonomous, to complete all obstacles. This year, we brought our latest roboboat named Nala VS which “S” stands for Super meaning the perfect form of our Fifth Generation of Naval Autonomous.

Overall, the race was split up into 2 stages, Qualification, and The Final stage. Only 5 best teams among the participants could join the Final stage. During the qualification, we have passed all of the missions perfectly and got the highest point and it is the most remarkable part as we recall. All was going well until our turn came. Sadly, in the middle of the race, there was trouble with our roboboat’s mechanical part. That caused us losses lots of points and ended up in Fourth Place after the accumulation of the final point.

That would be our evaluation to improve ourselves and keep our spirit to fight back for the ‘throne’ in the next year.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

-Napoleon Hill